Trace Evidence at CALB for Long Beach Arts Month

Sixpack Projects is proud to participate in Long Beach Arts Month with a new exhibition curated by Jeff Rau at the brand new Cultural Alliance for Long Beach (CALB) galleries in the Bungalow Arts Building.

The exhibition entitled Trace Evidence features the work of five artists who explore and make sense of the world through systematic processes of measurement, quantification, and documentation. Whether creating sculpture based on body measurements, casting the physical marks left by performance events, allowing the wind to trace its path, or simply scanning donuts; all these artists seek to capture and permanently record the fleeting and immaterial.

Please join us at the opening reception on Friday, October 5th, 6-10pm.

Trace Evidence

curated by Jeff Rau
October 5 – October 27, 2012

Cultural Alliance for Long Beach (CALB)
at the Bungalow Arts Building
743 N. Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 5th, 6 – 10pm

Jocelyn Foye
Virginia Katz
Jeff Rau
Jennifer Reifsneider
Rebecca Sittler

All artists in this exhibition either presently live and work in Long Beach, or recently received a graduate degree from California State University here in Long Beach.

Sixpack Projects is a collective of six emerging contemporary artists and curators committed to providing innovative art exhibitions that bring together both emerging and mid-career artists to impel dialog on a variety of contemporary issues. For more information about this and other projects, please visit

This exhibition has been made possible by support from the Arts Council for Long Beach and the Cultural Alliance for Long Beach. Please check out the hundreds of other arts events taking place during Long Beach Arts

A quick update… and new exhibition!

Sixpack Projects may have been officially silent for most of 2012, but this is not to say that we’ve been resting on our laurels. Quite the contrary!

At its core, Sixpack Projects began (and remains) a collective of six emerging contemporary artists and curators, often working independently, each with different specialties and interests. As we have been consistently excited and inspired by each other’s work, we banded together as friends and colleagues to help build a name together.

This past year has brought about some significant professional growth among the individuals in our group! From our humble beginnings in Orange County, we are now curating exhibitions on both coasts and in Europe! In a few short years, Sixpack members have been part of the curatorial/exhibitions staff at Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana; University Art Museum at CSULB, Long Beach; Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield; and the Florence Biennale, Italy. Now presently, three of our members hold senior curator positions at UCR Sweeney Art Gallery, Riverside, CA; Community Folk Art Center, Syracuse, NY; and LINEA Contemporary Art Space, Florence, Italy.

Of course, along with such professional responsibility to other institutions, we do not often have the freedom to brand our work with the independent name of Sixpack Projects. But, this is not to say that our independent work is done!

We may not maintain the consistent calendar of programming we established in 2010-2011, but we remain committed to providing innovative art exhibitions that bring together both emerging and mid-career artists to impel dialog on a variety of contemporary issues. As we continue to develop new relationships with artists and independent art spaces, expect to see future Sixpack Projects exhibitions pop up on both coasts and perhaps even across the globe!

Plus… a new exhibition is coming to Long Beach, for Long Beach Arts Month. More info coming soon.

Preston & Patrick at Andi Campognone Projects

Sixpack Projects is back in action helping to organize this exhibition
at Andi Campognone Projects!

PRESTON DANIELS | Black and Blue
PATRICK STRAND | Bedroom Atoll

January 14 – February 25, 2011
Art Walk Reception: January 14, 6-9pm

Andi Campognone Projects
300 W. Second Street
Pomona, CA 91766

Preston Daniels and Patrick Strand produce works that seize the humanization of architectural, communal and spatial elements occupying our modern environs. The artists’ re-contextualization of transcendental communities is realized through architectural sculptures (Daniels) and drawing studies (Strand). Both Daniels and Strand’s works represent the physical changes reflected in our living spaces and how they embody our everyday lives. Organized by Jennifer Frias and Sixpack Projects.

Preston Daniels attended the Chatauqua Institute School of Fine Art in New York and received his BFA from West Virginia University in 2007. He received an MFA on a Hallsburg Scholarship from California State University Fullerton in 2010. He has exhibited works at The OsCene at the Laguna Art Museum (2010), Crussell Fine Arts in Orange CA, SCA Project Gallery in Pomona, Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana and others. He has collaborated with artist and film director Tim Burton on his sculpture “Robot Boy” for the exhibition Tim Burton that opened at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2009, and travelled to Los Angeles County Museum of Art in May 2011. His works are included in numerous private collections around the country such as the collection of Barbra and Victor Kline. He currently lives and works in Long Beach, California.

Patrick Strand holds BFA degrees in drawing and painting from the University of Southern California (1998) and in character animation from the California Institute of the Arts (2002). In 2010 he received his MFA in Painting from Cal State Fullerton. He has exhibited at numerous southern California venues such as Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, dA Center for the Arts in Pomona, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery in Los Angeles and the Palm Springs Film Festival. With his background in animation, drawing and painting, he has taught at Maxis Studios/Electronic Arts in Redwood City and Walnut Creek, CA, ABC Family in Los Angeles, California State University at Fullerton and Watts Towers through the Community Arts Partnership in Watts, CA. He currently lives and works in San Pedro, California.

Sixpack Projects is a collaboration of six artist/curators organizing innovative contemporary art exhibitions and events throughout Southern California. We are: Alyssa Cordova, Jennifer Frias, Lilia Lamas, Jillian Nakornthap, Jeff Rau, and Heather Richards. Sixpack Projects features special curatorial projects by the members of our collective and is intended to be a forum for engaging the community in important and relevant cultural discussions through the exhibition of contemporary art. For more information please visit

Jesper Just at UCR Sweeney Art Gallery

JESPER JUST | Sirens of Chrome
UCR Sweeney Art Gallery
December 17, 2011 – January 21, 2012

Opening Reception: January 14, 6pm – 9pm

Our very own Jennifer Frias has curated this fine exhibition at the UCR Sweeney Art Gallery. Be sure to check it out! Click here for more info.


Jennifer Frias of Sixpack Projects curated the upcoming exhibition Play Against featuring a new project by artist duo JEFF&GORDON at UCR’s Sweeney Art Gallery. We hope to see you at the opening reception on October 29th (I know… I know… we have competing exhibition openings that night). Also don’t miss the special event they have planned for Riverside’s ArtWalk on November 3rd!

@ UCR ARTSblock | Sweeney Art Gallery

OPENING RECEPTION: October 29, 6 – 9 PM | Free Admission
EXHIBITION DATES: November 1 – December 10

First Thursday ArtsWalk Event | November 3, 7 – 9pm

On the court of a tony club or ivy-covered institution, another Squash player makes an aggressive serve, or politely calls for a “let,” ending the rally lest he physically interfere with his opponent. In a Riverside neighborhood or Inland Empire community, another family gets a foreclosure notice, just one of an estimated half a million California families that will lose their homes in the national foreclosure crisis. Do we really declare all of these people losers at the game of life, or might we be able to offer them a “let”? What are the limits of personal responsibility, and achievement? Applying their usual performative appropriation of social customs and idioms, the collaborative duo of JEFF&GORDON take on the tension between cooperation and competition that runs through the public discourse in a nation of “temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

On November 3rd, the Sweeney Art Gallery will present a one-night social event that invites the public in a participatory role with artists JEFF&GORDON. Recognizing the desire on the part of the average gallery or museum visitor to gain insight into the exhibition, Play Against and into the artist’s process, JEFF&GORDON will employ their usual strategy of borrowing from a social custom or cultural idiom and meet with members of the public in a series of controlled convivial situations. Channeling the phenomenon of social gatherings and social networking, the public and JEFF&GORDON will be able to get acquainted to see how much they like each other, and to decide if they would like to see each other again. Participants will be provided with an entrée of suggested discussion topics and refreshments. Time limit strictly enforced. This event is made possible by the Maxwell H. Gluck Foundation.

JEFF&GORDON are a collaborative team of artists who create videos and installations that explore social interactions. Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko create situations wherein an audience will reflect on their participatory role in the ever-changing cultural narrative; every one of us contributes to our collective culture, but at the same time we are all defined by culture. As such, their work frequently “takes on” the form of familiar social conducts and iconography, and also enters into a dialogue with the site or the context in which the work is exhibited. The artists also forward their personae, and frequently mediate their performative actions through video, as informed by the cinematic aesthetic. The artists received their MFA’s from CSU Long Beach, and UC Irvine, respectively, in 2007. They live in the Los Angeles area. This is their second solo show as a team. JEFF&GORDON: Play Against is organized by UCR Sweeney Art Gallery, and curated by Jennifer Frias, associate curator, Sweeney Art Gallery.

Support for this project is provided by UCR’s College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Fair Housing Council of Riverside and UCR’s Student Recreation Center. JEFF&GORDON: Play Against is an exhibition in dialog with a UCR initiated project that will be under development throughout the 2011-2012 academic year, Understanding the Human Impacts of Housing Foreclosure: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Economic, Social and Political Inequality. The steering committee includes UCR professors Gary Dymski (Economics), Vanessa Estrada (Sociology), Martin Johnson (Political Science) and Ellen Reese (Sociology/Labor Studies).