Exhibition History


- you are the ocean and I have a fear of drowning, curated by Jennifer Frias and Heather Richards-Siddons

- Form, Figure Frame: Works on Paper from the CSUF Art Collection, curated by Heather Richards-Siddons and Alyssa Cordova
The Violent Bear It Away, curated by Jeff Rau.

Corporeal Contours & When We Just Existed, curated by Jillian Nakornthap.

Crit Session & Attempts for the Miraculous, by Jennifer Frias and CHAR.

Once More With Feeling: CSUF Student Exhibition, juried by Sixpack Projects, Alyssa Cordova and Heather Richards-Siddons

Place and Time, curated by Jeff Rau.


Trace Evidence, curated by Jeff Rau.

Preston Daniels & Patrick Strand, organized by Sixpack Projects.

Jesper Just: Sirens of Chrome, curated by Jennifer Frias.


Good is Good: CSUF student exhibition, juried by Sixpack Projects.

JEFF&GORDON: Play Against, curated by Jennifer Frias.

Acquired Taste, curated by Alyssa Cordova & Heather Richards. (photos)

HAZE, new work by Jeff Rau. (photos)

Mini Size Me, curated by Jillian Nakornthap.

Carrots and Apologues, curated by Alyssa Cordova.

Preston Daniels & Patrick Strand, curated by Jennifer Frias.

Beta Release, curated by Jeff Rau & Jennifer Frias. (photos)

Constructions & Excavations, curated by Jeff Rau. (photos)


Eric Leonard Jones & Kevin Stewart Magee, by Sixpack Projects.

Support System, curated by Jeff Rau. (photos)

Happy Hour, presented by Sixpack Projects. (photos)

Layer Cake, curated by Alyssa Cordova & Jeff Rau. (photos)

Sopa de Gabi, curated by Jillian Nakornthap.

Metadataphile, curated by Jennifer Frias & Lilia Lamas. (photos)

Even Better Than the Real Thing, curated by Jennifer Frias. (photos)

Love Me, Tees Me, curated by Alyssa Cordova & Krystal Glasman. (photos)

2010 (CSUF student exhibition), juried by Sixpack Projects. (photos)

Embracing Ambiguity, curated by Jillian Nakornthap.