2-for-1 night @ CSUF!

CRIT SESSION: VOLUME 1 is a collaborative project on view in the CSUF East Gallery, organized by Sixpack Projects’ Jennifer Frias with participation from CSUF graduate students and members of the community.

ATTEMPTS FOR THE MIRACULOUS: Experiments in Performance is a one-night-only performance event in the CSUF West Gallery, organized by members from both the Sixpack Projects and CHAR artist collectives.

Please join us on Saturday, March 23rd, at California State University, Fullerton, for the simultaneous opening of both projects!

Crit Session, Volume 1

A Project in Collaboration with Jennifer Frias,
Graduate Students in Art, and Community Participants

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, March 23, 5-8 PM
EXHIBITION DATES: March 23-28, 2013
GALLERY: Cal State Fullerton, East Gallery
800 North State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA


Crit Session, Volume 1 is a multimedia installation based on a performance workshop in collaboration with MFA candidates in the art program at Cal State Fullerton and participating members from the community. This project is centered on the premise known in art practices, most notably in art schools and art programs, as the “crit” or “art critique.” The art system’s crit is comprised of the art student’s peers, professors and advisors conveying insight and directives to the student’s work. Ideally, a student leaves the crit with new understanding of their work, their process, and themselves. But what happens when the student leaves graduate school? The support from the institution is no longer available. Crit Session, Volume 1 is an ongoing observation and exercise of the dialogue that occurs when the context of the artist’s work is removed from the confines of an art institution or “art bubble,” and finds its way into the perception of the general public. It explores and challenges the project’s participating individuals who have an art background with a group who possess little to no art knowledge into contributing to a conversation that interrogates the role and the language imbued in art and art education.

The gallery presentation consists of three different bodies of work by three MFA students studying at Cal State Fullerton’s art program. Each of the student work- one painting, another a series of photographs and a series in mixed media, are on view in their respective wall in a confined gallery similar to an art studio. Accompanying their work is their artist statement. The focal point of the installation is an audio presentation hovering above the gallery space. The looped audio manifestation plays a recorded documentation of the dialogue from the performance workshops- three separate crit sessions between the art students and community peer participants. The peer participants range in occupational backgrounds- a musician, a retired district attorney, a budget analyst, a math tutor, a college student in studying psychology and a high school student. Each crit session embodies the disjunction between the involved groups- the art student and people outside of the arts. The ensuing dialogue varies from agreements to disagreements, clarity to ambiguity, hindrance to realization.

ATTEMPTS FOR THE MIRACULOUS | Experiments in Performance
Saturday, March 23, 2013, 6-7 PM
West Gallery, Cal State Fullerton
Organized by Sixpack Projects and CHAR

Attempts for the Miraculous is a one-night-only presentation of 10-minute performances. Organizers Sixpack Projects and CHAR, transform Cal State Fullerton’s West Gallery into the “CO-LAB,” an artist laboratory for performance presentations that include developing works and first time collaborations.

Joe Biel + Nathan Bockelman
BubbleBros | Nick Lowe + Pejman Shojaei + Christopher Guerrero
Takeshi Kanemura + Dan Taulapapa McMullin
Chelsea Rector
Joanna Roche
Harmony Wolfe

CHAR is an ongoing series of experiments in which artists, theorists, and other cultural producers share ways of making and knowing. These experiments are presented in the domestic sphere as a re-staging of contexts for cultural inquiries. For more info visit http://charseries.tumblr.com/

Sixpack Projects is a collective of six artist/curators organizing innovative contemporary art exhibitions and events throughout Southern California. We are: Alyssa Cordova, Jennifer Frias, Lilia Lamas, Jillian Nakornthap, Jeff Rau, and Heather Richards.

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