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Layer Cake

**UPDATE: Click here to see exhibition photos**

Sixpack Projects presents this exhibition of California based artists who utilize ordinary objects and materials in transformative ways. Be sure to join us for the opening reception on October 2nd!

October 2 – October 24, 2010
curated by Alyssa Cordova and Jeff Rau

Grand Central Art Center, Project Room
125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana

Lynn Aldrich, Marine Preserve
Saturday, October 2nd, 7-10pm

Layer Cake presents a selection of California based artists who all work with the ordinary stuff of our daily lives. From Scotch tape to twist ties, discarded toys to cleaning scrubbers, likely their raw material exists in each of our homes. But here it has become something new. These artists gather material, build upon it layer by layer, and produce surprising works that defy concise description. Though we may easily identify the physical constitution of each work in terms of very familiar objects, to experience it in this new form transcends the sum of its parts and becomes something all together more complex and enticing: the layer cake. Utilizing both figurative and physical layering in their work, the artists challenge us to reconsider the product of our contemporary culture: calling attention to the cost of our consumption, challenging us to learn from the debris of our past, and compelling us to search for a better way forward buried within the striations.

Lynn Aldrich
Sandow Birk & Elyse Pignolet
Joe Davidson
Laurie Hassold
J.R. Uretsky

Photos and new projects!

We have posted some installation photos from Metadataphile and also a few photos from Even Better Than the Real Thing; check out our Flickr slideshows!

In case you haven’t seen these exhibitions in person… there’s still time!

Even Better Than the Real Thing is still on display at the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art through September 25, 2010. And Metadataphile in on display at the CSUF Begovich Gallery through September 30, 2010.

Also, we have two exhibitions coming in October and at least one in the works for November. More details will be forthcoming so check back to our site regularly, or join our mailing list to keep up to date!